Voice Solutions Set You Apart

Quality business phone services in Northeast Ohio customized to meet your needs.

When new customers, suppliers and business partners call your company, your professional image is shaped by the quality of your voice services.  What does your company project?  

At DCT, we provide a variety of reliable, business-class voice services that deliver the quality you need to effectively communicate, along with the features and functionality to increase productivity and efficiency as your organization grows.

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Whether you have one location or hundreds, DCT will customize a voice solution to meet your needs and usage patterns.  We offer local, long distance, calling card and conferencing solutions, along with the convenience of one invoice, a single point of contact and industry-leading customer support.

Our company history is rooted in the telecommunications industry, which means you can rely on our extensive industry expertise and resources that ensure you have the latest technology in place to meet the growing demands of your business.

If you need a business phone provider, see how DCT’s custom voice services are your solution.


DCT’s business-class PRI delivers a highly reliable voice trunk solution, providing local access for Primary Branch Exchange (PBX) systems at competitive pricing.

Our customized solutions deliver improved network performance and trunking efficiency, plus support for advanced call center features that improve customer service.  We provide all-digital voice connections over your existing infrastructure, reducing your up-front costs since no new equipment is needed, along with the value-added features and functionality that give you the flexibility to grow as your needs change.

DCT’s PRI service offers:

  • The ability to use your existing PBX infrastructure to enable all-digital, high-speed voice applications.
  • Superior, all-digital transmission quality.
  • Support for a range of voice applications.
  • Access to competitively priced long distance and toll-free services.
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity that automatically redirects inbound calls to an alternate location(s) in the event of an interruption in service.
  • Direct Inward Dial (DID).
  • Caller ID & Caller ID with name.
  • Measured or flat-rate local calling.
  • Access via DS-1/T1, multiple DS-1s or a DS-3.

Dynamic with PRI

Replacing dedicated voice and data channels with dynamic voice and data lines allows for the flexible transfer of traffic based on usage.  When there are no calls on voice lines, extra bandwidth is automatically transferred to enhance Internet access and data applications. Exceptional quality and accessibility is maintained while maximizing productivity and cost savings through:

  • Local phone service, dynamic Internet, static IP, managed router
  • PRI voice handoff
  • Simplified network management and more efficient use of bandwidth
  • True dynamic bandwidth where both voice and data services can dynamically use all available bandwidth
  • Full-feature functionality
  • Flexible bandwidth options starting at 1.5 Mbps
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity that automatically redirects inbound calls to an alternate location(s) in the event of an interruption in service

Channelized T1

Requiring less equipment and lower upkeep costs, a Channelized T1 from DCT is a reliable, cost-effective solution to transmit voice or data.  Digital trunks are provided via a T1 line with 24 channels that connect a PBX or key system to the central office for access to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), with the ability to transmit business voice or data services over the channels. 

DCT’s Channelized T1 service features:

  • The ability to run several services, such as local telephone, long distance telephone, Internet and VoIP over a single circuit at the same time.
  • Reduced connections by carrying inbound, outbound or two-way traffic.
  • Analog or digital connections.
  • Configurable channels (all 24) to best fit your business requirements.
  • Direct Inward Dial (DID) support.

Long Distance Services

DCT’s Long Distance services provide cost-effective in-state, state-to-state, international and toll-free business calling while delivering mission-critical reliability.  

Our Long Distance services help you improve communications, gain better control of costs, and simplify billing and invoices to save you time and hassle.  Clear voice service is delivered over a high-performance digital communications network to place outbound long-distance calls over a dedicated or switched connection anywhere in the U.S. or across the world.

Switched Long Distance

Switched Long Distance is defined as calls that connect to the PSTN via the prescribed inter-exchange carrier (PIC) assigned to the outgoing telephone line. Switched long distance does not require additional equipment; call fees include per-minute-of-use charges for both the originating and terminating ends of the call.

Dedicated Long Distance

DCT’s service provides local access to a national network via a local loop circuit using third-party provider facilities or customer-provided access.  Dedicated long distance call fees include monthly charges for the dedicated circuit and per-minutes-of-use charges for the terminating end of the call, with no per-minutes-of-use charges for the originating end of the call.  Dedicated long distance requires on-premise routing equipment.  

DCT’s Long Distance services offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Lower usage rates and consolidated long distance traffic for interstate, intrastate and international calls anywhere in the world.
  • A high-performance, scalable network to easily accommodate current and future traffic.
  • Reliable and secure Tier 1 facilities-based network infrastructure.
  • Improved account management and billing through a single supplier with local presence and national reach.
  • Options for TDM or IP, dedicated or switched service.
  • Custom account codes to track calls by project or client to monitor spending at the cost center or department, and to help protect against fraudulent use of long distance.
  • Comprehensive call detail reports to help analyze call traffic, trends and activity.

Domestic Toll-Free Numbers

Provide your customers a simple, convenient way to connect with you without a charge for them to call. DCT’s Toll-Free service lets you receive inbound calls through an 8XX number with competitive usage rates from an extremely reliable network partner.  Choose from Dedicated Toll-Free or Switched Toll-Free solutions, plus a set of enhanced features to tailor the service to your needs.  Optional features include:

  • Directory listing of your toll-free number in yellow page and toll-free directories.
  • Call area selection to block calls from outside your service area and reduce toll-free costs.
  • Call routing solutions including time of day, day of week, or call origin to offer uninterrupted support. Distribute calls to different locations for more effective call handling or provide coverage during vacations and holidays.
  • Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS) provides advance notification of the number being dialed by the incoming caller enabling you to customize how you answer the call.
  • Alternative routing re-routes calls to another location in the event of an emergency so calls aren’t lost.
  • Disconnect referral messages notify and redirect customers to a new number so important calls aren’t lost.
  • Geographic routing (originating number plan area (NPA),NPA-NXX or 10 digit automatic number identification (ANI), state or LATA of caller)
  • Direct termination overflow (DTO) routing provides business continuity on a local T1 or higher voice line for inbound calls if service impairment occurs or all available circuits are being used.  DTO can automatically redirect calls to any telephone number.
  • Busy ring-no-answer (BRNA) routing.
  • Alternate call plan routing.
  • Payphone blocking to avoid the surcharge for payphone calls.
  • Percentage allocation routing allocates traffic to various terminating locations to avoid call congestion on your toll-free line.
  • Real-time automatic number identification delivery can pull customer information from a database before the call connects.
  • Time of day/time of interval call routing reroutes toll free numbers by time of day, using 15 minute intervals.
  • Origin-of-call blocking restricts calls by state, LATA, NPA or NPA-NXX.
  • Origin-of-call, time dependent and extension routing.
  • An available web portal empowers you to establish and manage routing of toll-free services based on your needs.

Calling Cards

Give your employees on the road the ability to stay connected.  DCT’s Calling Card service offers convenient and affordable calling capabilities anywhere in the U.S., plus hundreds of other countries, and the ability to originate international calls from a number of countries.  Enjoy value-added features such as re-origination, speed dialing, directory assistance and real-time fraud monitoring.


Provide your team the capability to instantly collaborate from many locations without incurring travel expenses for onsite meetings or events. DCT’s Conference Calling service offers a number of audio and web conferencing tools to enable effective, cost efficient meetings with no contracts or monthly commitment.

Automated, no reservations required, operator assisted or web conferencing options.

  • Initiate calls 24 hours a day/7 days a week.
  • No reservations required and no time limit.
  • No operator assistance necessary.
  • Leader controls all conference commands.
  • No ongoing fees; costs are based on call length and number of participants.


No reservations are required and no operator assistance is needed.  Simply dial a toll-free number and enter a conference code.  You can initiate a call at any time around the clock and there is no time limit to calls.  The leader controls all conference commands and can dial out to all participants directly from the conference.

Operator Assisted

A live operator manages all details of your call, with a number of customization options available:

  • Recording, polling and transcription services.
  • Participants access the conference by dialing a permanently supplied toll-free number.
  • Operators place participants into the calls.
  • Operator assistance and other features are accessed using the buttons on your telephone keypad.

Web Conferencing

Whether you have two attendees or 2,000, web conferencing significantly improves your participant experience. DCT’s Web Conferencing service provides you the tools to make your meetings more effective and interactive.

  • Available 24 hours a day/7 days a week
  • No reservations required.
  • Features include: video integration (webcam and streaming video), online file transfer, live application viewing and sharing, desktop collaboration, record/edit/playback and attendee online polling.
  • An easy-to-use web interface to control audio conferencing features and screen sharing applications
  • Integrate with other online collaboration platforms such as, Adobe Connect, Microsoft Lync Online, Microsoft Office Live Meeting, IBM LotusLive: Meetings, IBM LotusLive: Events, Cisco WebEx Meeting Center, Cisco WebEx Training Center, Cisco WebEx Support Center, Cisco WebEx Event Center.

Case Study | Scott Fetzer

Scott Fetzer is a diversified manufacturer of consumer, commercial and industrial products. It is a holding company for a group of over 20 businesses with more than 50 locations across the U.S.

Working in conjunction with local managers and their voice and data equipment vendors, DCT was able to implement the entire solution in less than 90 days with no interruption of service and no ongoing billing of services from the previous provider.

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