Hosted PBX

Eliminate Maintenance Headaches and Increase Up-time

The DCT HPBX is a cloud-based communications solution that frees your business from managing carriers, phone systems and vendors by providing an enterprise IP PBX, advanced end-user features, and world-class voice services to any user, in any location, for a predictable monthly fee.

By leveraging DCT’s unique carrier access cloud businesses can enjoy the flexibility of hosted services with the quality and control of on-site equipment – eliminating maintenance headaches and increasing up-time. Since your PBX resides in the cloud, your customers will reach you, not a fast-busy signal, if there's ever an issue at your location.

Hosted PBX

Single Site Hosted PBX

Single Site Hosted PBX (click to enlarge)

Multi Site Hosted PBX

Multi Site Hosted PBX (click to enlarge)

Single Site Hosted PBX
Multi Site Hosted PBX

DCT's business-class Hosted PBX solutions enable the enterprise customer to eliminate the cost and complexity of onsite PBX equipment by connecting to a PBX in the cloud. Hosted PBX is a fully scalable solution that can grow with your business so you only pay for what you need. This solution offers a predictable, per-station pricing model with lower capital and operating expenses, while providing full HPBX features and functionality without the need to buy new equipment. Our HPBX solution also offers:

  • Easy-to-use Graphic User Interface (GUI) or web-based administrator with full PBX capabilities.
  • Access to the DCT web portal for real-time changes to phone configuration and features.
  • Leading edge unified communications, including find me-follow me, simultaneous ring and voice mail to e-mail.
  • Full range of IP phones, from basic desktop to full featured executive handsets and operator consoles.
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities.
  • Free local and site-to-site calling with abbreviated dialing between company locations.

Why Move Your Communications to the DCT Cloud?

  • Simplicity - Eliminate service issues and finger pointing between your PBX vendor, carrier, ISP and Network Integrator
  • Economics - Reduce your monthly communication expenses with free in-network calling and unlimited usage* while eliminating the capital required to purchase new equipment
  • Productivity - Integrate communications and your PC desktop while delivering advanced services to users on the road and at home
  • Control - Enjoy unmatched control and point-and-click configuration over all services through the DCT Portal
  • Performance - Our team of network and security professionals monitor and manage your services 24x7
  • Stability - Enjoy built-in disaster recovery/business continuity features - the off-premise nature of a hosted PBX means that your business keeps running regardless of what happens at your physical location
  • Scalability - Add users and services when needed and leverage the support of experienced PBX professionals

DCT HPBX Features

  • Enterprise-class Hosted IP phone system
  • Unlimited local and long distance service*
  • Direct Inward Dial (DID) and Voicemail per user
  • "Plug and Play" IP handsets included

Unified Communications Features

  • Unified messaging (voice mail/fax in email)
  • Advanced mobility features
  • PC call control (click-to-dial)
  • PC and phone-based corporate directory

Add-ons and Applications

  • Automated Attendant
  • Receptionist and Administrative Assistant
  • Call Recording
  • Microsoft Lync
  • CRM Integration

The DCT HPBX Portal

The DCT Portal is built on world-class technologies from DCT. The DCT Portal seamlessly integrates these technologies into a single, centralized interface that offers intuitive navigation, interpretation and analysis of key management, monitoring, and performance statistics of DCT’s hosted solutions. This convenient portal is provided to DCT customers at no additional cost and provides added value by saving organizations the costs generally associated with tasks such as moves, adds and changes. The DCT Portal allows you to control:

  • Both administrative and end-user functions
  • PBX and telephony features such as: Call flow and control, music on hold, Call Center, Reporting, ACD, hunt groups, Conferencing, etc.
  • End-user passwords, access and management
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

The DCT HPBX Assistant Toolbar

Experience advanced call control features from your browser and email client. Unleash the full power of DCT’s HPBX. Two feature-rich desktop toolbars providing users with controls to access their voice services efficiently, while passing along many time saving benefits to today’s fast moving professional. Features Include:

  • Pop-up right-click-to-dial from any web page or Outlook contact
  • Call notifications with caller ID
  • Full call control with Conferencing and Transfer
  • View call history with one click callback
  • Call features, such as: Simultaneous Ring, Call forward all/no answer/busy, Do Not Disturb, Remote Office
  • Seamlessly search corporate and Outlook directories
  • Available for use with Internet Explorer and Outlook in Windows environments

The DCT HPBX Call Recording

DCT’s Call Recording solution frees businesses from the endless cycle of purchasing, supporting, upgrading and ultimately replacing premise based recording solutions. Since users are already utilizing the DCT HPBX, Call Recording is completely integrated into Enterprises and Call Centers.

  • Search, retrieve and export recorded calls based upon criteria such as the agent, calling party, date/time, or custom tags
  • Record all associated user calls, both inbound and outbound. With Basic Recording, recordings are transferred to a customer server via FTP, every 1-2 minutes. Standard Recording allows recordings to be managed via portal access

Receptionist Console

The DCT Receptionist Console gives Receptionists and Administrators an intuitive tool to manage incoming calls. This PC application provides a user-friendly interface to perform all typical call control functions, while providing additional productivity enhancing features.

  • Point and click interface for answer, transfer, place call
  • Drag and drop to transfer or create conference calls
  • Choose destination of outgoing calls as desk phone, mobile phone, voicemail, or even create an email message
  • Audio still delivered via desk phone
  • Icon based user status (busy, idle, do-not-disturb, etc.)
  • Integrates with DCT Call Center for managing calls into queues
  • Corporate, Outlook and LDAP directories integrated on-screen
  • Allows for directed call pickup of any line


The DCT Call Center is designed to provide contact centers of all sizes with access to a broad range of features, with increased scalability and flexibility delivered in an economical cloud-services model.

The DCT Call Center solution provides contact center managers with enhanced control and deeper insight into their contact center operations. By establishing a single cloud-based resource center across multiple locations, call centers can streamline operations and maximize staffing. This unique model enables call center managers to strike an appropriate balance between effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Call Center Management - Gain access to advanced messaging, routing, reporting and desktop management features regardless of budgetary constraints.
  • Setup Options - Use (and pay for) only the features you need while providing agents a familiar interface - PC, handset or both.
  • Centralized Management - Manage queue activity, monitor calls (regardless of agent location) and reroute them with a click of the mouse or from your smartphone/tablet.
  • Reporting - Review performance in real time with ad-hoc reporting or through automated email delivery.
  • Recording - Retrieve and playback recorded calls, tag calls for quality management purposes and listen to calls live.
  • Control - Provide supervisors with unmatched control over agent productivity and allow administrators point-and-click configuration through the DCT Portal.
  • Extensible - Prebuilt integrations into popular CRM and messaging platforms. Simple application integration through standards-based APIs.

* Some restrictions may apply. Internet speed and quality may affect the number of users that can be supported per location.

Tariff Information

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