Cloud Computing

Increased Capacity and Storage, Reduced Costs and Complexity

In partnership with multiple Tier 1 providers, DCT's cloud services help fulfill growing technology needs by delivering increased capacity and storage without additional overhead and infrastructure costs.

With cloud services, we take responsibility for managing hardware and software, delivering computing as a service to connect and share data through virtualized resources while reducing the complexity associated with traditional IT approaches. You buy access to cloud computing and cloud storage resources on demand over your network, only paying for what you use. With the service, you can move capital equipment costs off the balance sheet and turn them into a monthly expense.

Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange service eliminates most of the infrastructure and time — and capital expense — required to install, upgrade and maintain on-premise Microsoft Exchange email service. Hosted Exchange service lowers the overall cost per mailbox while providing the most advanced messaging and collaboration tools available. You can choose from different feature sets, price points and storage capacities based on your organization's needs. Hosted Exchange service offers:

  • The freedom to choose the functionality tier and services that are right for you, such as Web-only access, Outlook, spam filtering, backup, archiving, and compliance tracking.
  • The ability to personalize each “seat” through the Exchange administrative portal.
  • No internal messaging infrastructure to maintain or administer.
  • Dramatically lower total cost of ownership.
  • Ability to collaborate anywhere, anytime through any platform.
  • Industry leading virus protection and anti-spam software.
  • No capital expenses or the considerable overhead of hosting an on-premise email service.
  • No additional costs for maintenance or software.
  • The ability to free up IT staff to work on strategic initiatives.


DCT's Colocation services, delivered in partnership with multiple Tier 1 providers, offers a virtual data center to house critical data and server operating applications without the cost of building physical space or the resources needed to maintain servers. Our Colocation service allows you to maintain your data, server operating applications, network and communications assets in a secure, environmentally controlled facility to make operating your servers easier. DCT's Colocation service includes:

  • 24x7x365 monitoring and support by our experienced personnel.
  • A range of security features, including alarms and video surveillance.
  • Environmental control systems, redundant power sources, multiple data paths and multiple backbone access.
  • The ability to help meet today's ever changing, ever increasing number of government and industry-mandated regulatory requirements.
  • A scalable Infrastructure (pay as you grow).
  • The flexibility to customize the solution based on a needs assessment.


Virtualization service provides a secure and safe way to contain your vital information without the overhead cost of maintaining physical equipment. The service uses a private, virtualized environment to host any number of applications in a high availability environment. Virtual servers provide private networking capabilities that are identical to having a dedicated server, but with added flexibility and scalability to add computing and storage power as needed so you'll never run out of resources. Virtualization offers high availability, low cost benefits, plus:

  • More sophisticated capabilities for a lower cost than purchasing hardware.
  • Additional capacity as required, allowing you to only pay for what you need.
  • Next-generation capabilities as they come online.
  • The ability to be compliant with audit requirements.
  • Elimination of owning and managing servers and other infrastructure assets.
  • Daily full backups of all of your data.

Tariff Information

Please download the PDFs below to review our tariff information.

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Working with an assigned account manager from DCT has certainly paid off for us. DCT has been very responsive and was able to quickly understand our communication needs and challenges. We partnered with DCT in developing enterprise strategic communication planning initiatives. They have helped us uncover and implement cost saving projects and continue to audit our environment for process and cost improvement. Perhaps the best compliment I can give DCT is that we feel our account manager is part of our team.

Jay Luteran
The City of Mentor, OH